Technical Land Consultants is a professional firm providing consulting services in the Power, PCS, and Telecommunications.

Our clients include both large and small corporations located throughout the nation.

Our expertise reaches far beyond the traditional site acquisition and includes linear right of way for power lines, and fiber optics.

TLC’s principals have fifty five years of combined experience. TLC has the knowledge and ability to provide project management as well.

Speed, quality and professionalism have enabled the Land Acquisitions Services group to provide access to real estate under significantly improved conditions.
Services include:

•           Site Acquisition
•           Pre-planning and zoning consultation
•           Negotiation with property owners
•           Title research
•           Right of Way procurement
•           Acquisition of sub-stations and cell tower sites
•           CATV plant verification
•           Right of Entry Agreements
•           Multiple Dwelling Unit Surveys
•           Inspection
•           Contract engineers

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